Stored in the InTerra Root folder is the UAVs.json file which contains parameters to tell Locator about your drone.  Multiple drones can be defined in the UAVs.json file.  This file is opened each time Locator is started.  

Parameters stored are:

  • Name - camera or drone name.  This is a free form field and will allow 128 characters to allow for multiple data points like Pilot.
  • SensorWidth - the camera sensor width in mm.
  • FocalLength - the camera focal length in mm.
  • ImagedWidth - the camera image width in pixels.
  • ImageHeight - the camera image height in pixels.

Below is a sample entry:

    "Name": "Parrot ANAFI Ai Unit#? Pilot:FName LName",

    "SensorWidth": 10.58333,

    "FocalLength": 69,

    "ImageWidth": 4608,

    "ImageHeight": 3456

Close Locator before making edits so that the changes made will be read into memory when Locator starts.  Be careful when editing the file as it requires specific settings.  It is highly recommended to make a copy of this file before editing.  If the file becomes corrupt then delete the one inside the InTerra root folder and restart Locator.  A new file is created at run time.