Public Safety

Revolutionizing Public Safety with InTerra SmarTarget Ground Control Points


The Public Safety industry plays a vital role in protecting and ensuring the well-being of communities. This industry encompasses organizations responsible for emergency response, disaster management, law enforcement, and infrastructure preparedness. To effectively carry out their responsibilities, public safety agencies require accurate and up-to-date topographic mapping data. Drones have revolutionized the public safety industry by offering efficient and rapid data collection capabilities, enhancing situational awareness, and enabling informed decision-making in critical situations.



Public safety agencies face the challenge of acquiring accurate and timely topographic mapping data to support their operations. Traditional survey techniques are often time-consuming, expensive, and impractical, limiting the ability of agencies to respond swiftly to emergencies or assess potential risks. The reliance on RTK systems adds complexity, requiring additional equipment, subscriptions, and real-time corrections from base stations. These factors hinder the agility and efficiency of public safety professionals in critical situations.


Imagine a public safety agency responding to an unfolding emergency situation, requiring immediate access to accurate and reliable topographic mapping data. However, traditional survey techniques and RTK systems prove inadequate, consuming valuable time and resources. The need for a simplified, cost-effective, and independent solution becomes evident, allowing public safety professionals to gather critical spatial information rapidly, make informed decisions, and save lives.


Introducing InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points as a game-changing solution for public safety agencies. This well-designed system offers rugged hardware and powerful Locator™ software, enabling agencies to overcome the limitations of traditional survey techniques and RTK systems. Here’s how InTerra SmarTarget can revolutionize public safety operations:

– Accuracy and Reliability: GPS-enabled GCPs deliver precise and reliable georeferencing of drone imagery, ensuring highly accurate topographic models and maps. This accuracy is essential for public safety agencies to make informed decisions and effectively respond to emergencies, enhancing overall community safety.

– Cost-Effectiveness: InTerra SmarTarget’s GCPs offer a cost-effective alternative to RTK systems. With minimal investment requirements and no subscription costs, agencies can allocate their budgets efficiently, especially for small to medium-sized projects.

– Simplified Workflow: The deployment of GPS-enabled GCPs simplifies the data collection workflow. Surveyors can efficiently mark ground control points in the field and capture necessary positional data during drone flights, eliminating the complexities of managing an RTK system. This streamlined workflow saves crucial time during emergency situations, enabling faster response and decision-making.

– Versatility and Accessibility: InTerra SmarTarget’s GCPs offer versatility and accessibility in various environments and locations. They can be rapidly deployed in remote or challenging terrains where setting up an RTK system may not be feasible. Public safety agencies can efficiently conduct surveying and mapping projects without relying on specific infrastructure or subscription services.

– Independence from Real-Time Corrections with Automated PPK: InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points offer a unique advantage with their Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) technology. The SmarTarget® system automates the download and processing of correction factors, eliminating the need for real-time corrections from base stations. This advanced feature ensures that surveyors can collect data with high precision and accuracy, even in areas with limited network coverage or remote locations. By streamlining the correction process, public safety agencies can save valuable time and resources, allowing for rapid decision-making and efficient emergency response.

Closing Argument:

InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points offer a powerful solution to revolutionize public safety operations. With their speed, accuracy, simplified workflow, and lower costs compared to traditional survey techniques or RTK systems, agencies can enhance their emergency response, disaster management, and infrastructure preparedness capabilities. By investing in an InTerra SmarTarget system, public safety agencies can confidently gather critical spatial data, assess risks, and make informed decisions swiftly, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of communities. Don’t let outdated survey methods hinder your agency’s ability to respond effectively—embrace the future of topographic mapping with InTerra SmarTarget.