Revolutionary technology changes everything. Now you can save time, improve cash flow, and provide a more accurate service to your customers.

The InTerra SmarTarget® system is a new concept for surveyors using drone photogrammetry to create topographic models. The simple design means you can better serve your customers. Imagine taking one trip to the field, then process all imagery with ground control points into a final deliverable all while you eat lunch. No more delays waiting for ground control point coordinates.

This is a revolutionary paradigm shift that will impact your bottom line, reduce man-hours, improve delivery performance, and deliver greater accuracy and details. InTerra SmarTarget® is a cost-effective and timely solution to obtain high-accuracy ground control points simultaneously with the drone flight. The system contains an autonomous GPS receiver, built-in long-term power, and dedicated recording to store each target location data. Targets operate independently and autonomously and do not require additional radios or transmit any data while recording; they are emissions control (EMCON). When downloaded into the InTerra Locator™ software, the system goes online to find nearby NGS Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and rapidly process data using Post-Process Kinematic (PPK) to remove drift, error, and other systemic anomalies to produce a clean, concise position each time.

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Other applications use GNSS PPK solutions to lower cost, increase accuracy, and verify precision or position without requiring radio signals that complicate equipment requirements, drive costs, and increase the opportunity for detection or interference. InTerra SmarTargets utilize this same PPK technique along with our rapid retrieve solution to download only the necessary CORS data just-in-time to process. InTerra SmarTarget® is Information Accelerated

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