Enhancing Transportation Infrastructure with InTerra SmarTarget Ground Control Points


The Transportation industry plays a pivotal role in connecting people, goods, and services across various modes of travel, including roads, railways, airports, and seaports. Accurate topographic mapping is essential for effective transportation planning, maintenance, and expansion. Drones have revolutionized the industry by providing a faster, more cost-effective, and accurate solution for data collection and analysis. InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points offer the Transportation industry a reliable, rugged, and user-friendly system that significantly improves speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency compared to traditional survey techniques and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) systems.



Transportation infrastructure projects require precise topographic mapping to ensure safe and efficient transportation systems. Traditional survey methods and reliance on RTK systems can be time-consuming, costly, and may lack the accuracy and efficiency required for transportation planning and management.



Drones have transformed the Transportation industry by revolutionizing data collection, inspection, and maintenance processes. With aerial imagery, LiDAR, and 3D modeling capabilities, transportation professionals can efficiently analyze and manage infrastructure, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize transportation networks.



  1. Accuracy and Reliability:

– InTerra SmarTarget’s GPS-enabled Ground Control Points (GCPs) provide precise and reliable georeferencing of drone imagery, ensuring accurate topographic models and maps for transportation infrastructure.

– The system’s Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) technology automates the download and processing of correction factors, guaranteeing superior accuracy and reliability in transportation data collection.


  1. Speed of Work:

– InTerra SmarTarget enables rapid data acquisition, allowing transportation professionals to conduct efficient surveys of large areas and swiftly identify potential issues or maintenance needs.

– The system’s streamlined workflow, combined with powerful data processing capabilities, facilitates real-time analysis and decision-making, improving operational efficiency and reducing project timelines.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness:

– InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional survey techniques and RTK systems, minimizing equipment and subscription costs.

– The system’s ease of deployment and simplified data collection workflow reduce labor requirements, enabling transportation companies to save on personnel expenses and optimize project budgets.


  1. Rugged Design and Versatility:

– InTerra SmarTarget’s robust and rugged design ensures reliable performance even in challenging environments and adverse weather conditions, providing durability and longevity.

– The system’s versatility allows its deployment across various transportation infrastructure, including roads, railways, bridges, airports, and seaports, providing comprehensive mapping solutions for the industry.


  1. Powerful Locator™ Software:

– InTerra SmarTarget’s user-friendly Locator™ software simplifies the process of marking ground control points and capturing accurate positional data during drone flights, enhancing the efficiency of transportation professionals’ workflow.

– The intuitive interface and automated features eliminate the complexities associated with setting up and managing an RTK system, saving time and effort.


Closing Argument:

By adopting InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points, transportation companies can elevate their operational efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in topographic mapping and infrastructure management. The system’s rugged design, powerful Locator™ software, swift data acquisition, and exceptional accuracy make it an invaluable tool for transportation professionals. InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points provide transportation companies with a comprehensive solution to streamline their workflow, improve infrastructure planning, and optimize maintenance and expansion projects. By investing in InTerra SmarTarget, transportation companies can enhance the safety, efficiency, and reliability of their transportation networks, benefiting both businesses and the communities they serve. The array of benefits and outstanding performance of InTerra SmarTarget’s ground control points present a compelling business case for the Transportation industry, revolutionizing transportation infrastructure management and driving excellence in the sector.